Connaught Youth Centre
1491 17 Ave, Prince George
About Us

The Connaught Youth Centre (CYC) has been in existence for over 30 years. It is a well established public facility within the City of Prince George for youth and community sports, education and public/private events.

We are a non-profit organization who realise that todays youth are tomorrows future. We believe that there are no "bad seeds" when it comes to children or teens, and we want to provide a positive environment for youth all over Prince George.

We house many different events and programs that encourage recreation, health, safety and education. These are including but not limited to

  • Navy League Cadets (9-13yrs)
  • Sea Cadets (12-18yrs)
  • Army Cadets(12-18yrs)
  • Air Cadets(12-18yrs)
  • Shaolin Boxing Club (All ages)

The Connaught Youth Centre has 3 main objective.

  • To provide a public space for Prince George non-profit organizations at a reasonable rate. A large gym, kitchen and three classrooms are available to be rented for various public programs and community services.
  • To support at risk youth and related programs by providing a recreational and educational facility that is welcoming and accessible, with after hour services for high risk youth that require alternate programs during this time to keep them safe and off of the streets.
  • To encourage the general public to support programs organized by CYC.